About us

Pchand IOC Trzin


Ever since its foundation in 1989, our company has been marked by dynamic development and rapid but controlled growth. Our centralized management as well as a high degree of flexibility in meeting market requirements have helped us to maintain a high level of trust with our partners, whose number is continuously growing.

With a relatively small team of 16 employees, we remain extremely flexible and adaptable to various market situations.


Vision and Mission

Our basic values we have focused on from the very beginning and will continue to follow in the future are knowledge, innovation, responsiveness and adaptability to different market needs. Partnerships with our suppliers and our customers are important to us. With this in mind, we approach all our potential partners - we are convinced that this approach is the only way towards a long-term mutual collaboration and satisfaction.

Our goal is to achieve excellence in our business, products and services, and therefore focus on rapid and professional response to new market opportunities. We address them thoroughly, which helps us to develop trustworthy and professional partnerships in procurement and sales.

Our goal is to continue to improve business performance and efficiency, as well as provide the latest technologies and reliable quality solutions and services to our customers. To offer professional consulting to our customers, we are investing in our knowledge to respond to the increasingly important role information technologies play in business and at home. Knowledge is a priceless value that also has a significant influences on each individual’s personal development and is encouraged at all levels of our business.


Social Responsibility

At PC H.AND, we believe in sharing our success with others. The close relationship with the local environment emphasizes our social responsibility and our care for the future. In accordance with our company policy and social responsibility, we are taking part in many sponsorship and donation campaigns. Our contributions to the community are only a part of our overall endeavors and are focused primarily on helping communities through charity.

Environmental care is very important to us. We developed a detailed environmental policy and work in collective initiatives for handling waste packaging and used electric and electronic equipment. For this purpose, we offer our customers free proper disposal of old equipment when buying new one.


Expertise and Employees

Expertise and knowledge are what our vision is founded on; we believe in and encourage knowledge. All PC H.AND employees share a common goal: knowledge and development. The IT industry is developing rapidly and as a response, we are constantly growing our employees’ expertise through internal and external trainings. Experience has shown that employees feel more motivated if they are free to choose their education or training. Visits to industry fairs and events as well as business trips are also part of this process.

All our employees work in a pleasant, stimulating working environment where they can feel relaxed and have the possibility for personal development. Apart from having the latest IT equipment at their disposal, we also work with outside experts and consulting organizations that help us create favorable working conditions.



PC H.AND is an import and sales company representing leading global companies on the Slovenian market: Philips, AOCSharp, HisenseMikrotik, Sapphire, ZotacB-TechErgotron, MemorySolutionDuracell3M MicroTouch, FSP and Trezor.

For a number of years, we have been in successful business partnerships with Microsoft, Intel, HP, Fujitsu, Cisco Systems, Panasonic, Epson, CanonLenovo and Toshiba.

The program of computer and audio-video program we accomplish with representation of office equipment Intimus.